Cooking Cookies with the Kiddo

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Earrings: vintage | Sweater: J. Crew, old color, similar | Necklace: came in a Stitch Fix box | Jeans: Mother, old, love this and this | Nail polish: Essie Forever Yummy (#488)

Cooking cookies with a toddler is a special kind of adventure full of fun, excitement, and a few messes. My little man’s favorite part of cooking cookies? Whirling the ingredients. In case you aren’t sure what this means, whirling = stirring in his dialect. Somehow we managed to whirl and bake the cookies, clean the kitchen, and eat a couple of the yummy treats without spilling on our clothes – though the risk was totally worth it! This particular recipe is a family favorite – banana, oatmeal, chocolate chip – and have never let me down. I added extra banana this time so the cooking time was a bit longer than usual. All in all, they were the perfect treat for a long weekend.

Classic Cars in the Gundo

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Dress: Madewell | Boots: Joie | Sunnies: Michael Kors, old, similar | Watch: Michael Kors

A few weekends ago, the family and I decided to pop downtown for a quick lunch and were rewarded with a fantastic line up of fantastic classic cars. Somehow we missed the advertising for this fun event that shut down most of  Main St. in the Gundo. Parking was a bit of a drag, but it was well worth it to get to see all the awesome classic cars and enjoy the music and fun with my kiddos and hubby. If you find yourself in the South Bay, take a quick detour off PCH and swing through the Gundo. Even if there isn’t a fun carnival or street festivity, there are plenty of restaurants, shops, parks, and even a brewery to delight you for a couple of hours.

Tasting Fall in Wine Country

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L'Aventure Tasting_6

We got our first taste of fall recently. I thought I wasn’t ready to let go of long summer days, but now I find myself craving all things fall. I want to go apple picking, carve pumpkins, wrap myself in plaid throws, and sip apple cider in front of a fire. The white blazer is a staple in my wardrobe. No matter how sloppy I feel, I know I can throw it on with jeans and a pair of heels and my day will instantly become brighter. I don’t buy into the whole no white after Labor Day rule, so you can be sure to see this many more times as summer fades and fall really gets underway.

Jacket: J. Crew, white color n/a| Jeans: Madewell | Sunglasses: Michael Kors, old, similar | Watch: Michael Kors | Ring: Lucky Brand, old | Boots: Joie | Bag: Kate Spade, color n/a

Summer Blues

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Summer Blues_2

Summer Blues_4Summer blues: blue eyes, boat shoes, denim, and gingham are a sure win look for any summer activity. It is especially excellent for running through grape vines with a toddler, cuddling with a sleeping infant in the children’s museum, and sipping on a glass of fantastic GSM while the rest of the clan is asleep. If find yourself in Paso Robles with little ones, the Children’s Museum is must-do activity – as is the newly installed kids’ play area at the park downtown. After the kiddos are sufficiently exhausted, head to one of the excellent local wineries or breweries, taste, purchase a bottle (or 3), and enjoy an hour plus of quiet bliss sipping on your beverage of choice while the little ones recharge their batteries.

Shirt: J. Crew, old, similar | Shorts: J. Crew | Shoes: Sperry, old, similar | Bag: Kate Spade, color n/a | Necklace: Lucky Brand, old | Belt: Madewell, old

Winter Nostalgia

When we first decided to move to Virginia from California (and Texas before that) back in 2010, I couldn’t have been more excited. For the first time in my life I was going to experience seasons. I was going to live in a place where the snow came to me (as opposed to a 2.5 hour drive to see the man-made stuff). I would wear sweaters, and scarves, and hats, and mittens. When I put on boots in December, I wouldn’t sweat and I could finally purchase that gorgeous peacoat that I couldn’t justify with our 70-degree SoCal Christmases.

Shortly after our move I learned that I am, in fact, not a lover of all seasons. I have a particular issue with the one that lands between Fall and Spring. The snow never arrives at convenient times and that beautiful white blanket quickly turns into cold mud and ice causing all manner of road blocks and accidents (one time it took my coworker over 8 hours to drive the 15 miles home!).

That said, since we have moved back to Texas (and now California), I find my nostalgia for seasons returning. It is November and I am sitting here in shorts typing this after staring at a wardrobe of beautiful sweaters, fun hats, cute mittens, and a plethora of scarves repeating my daily wish for at least a hint of winter (or Fall, I’ll take Fall!) so I can bundle up in hats (like the white one in this post).

Joules Wellies

With the prediction of El Nino, I decided to get ahead of the mad rush to purchase rain boots and grab a pair of the fantastically adorable Joules Wellies. I bought them on Amazon, but you can find them on sale here.

Come on El Nino, bring us some rain – so I can wear my new Wellies – and toss in some of that cooler weather while you’re at it! The warm Santa Ana winds are just not cutting it.

Thanks in advance Mother Nature!

The Crossbody

Michael Kors Crossbody 2

I love purses, but haven’t invested in many the last few years. I believe this began right around the time I gave birth to our son. Suddenly, everywhere I went I had a large bag (or 2!) that needed to go as well. Carrying an additional tote just for my items seemed like a royal pain and a major hazard (spit up has a way of landing in the worst places) so small wristlets that could be stored in the diaper bag replaced my gorgeous bags….

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Pop of Pink

Pop of Pink_8098_edited

Ann Taylor blazer (similar) | Rag & Bone jeans | Kate Spade pumps | Michael Kors watch | Kate Spade Necklace | Michael Kors sunnies (similar) | Michael Kors crossbody

The hubby works for a very fun company with an extremely casual dress code (read: Sperrys are dressy). This works great for him but creates a balancing act for me when getting ready for one of his work events. Tonight, for example, the company is hosting an open house cocktail party to celebrate the completion of their new headquarters complex. …

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A Splash of Color

After long winter months filled with navy, maroon, black, and grey, I always get so excited for the punches of color ushered in by spring and summer. The long days and warm nights that define these seasons beg for bright yellows, punchy pastels, hot pinks, and the most vibrant shades of every other color you can dream up. There is something about blending, mixing, and pairing these fun hues that makes getting dressed that much more exciting. Honestly, I am smiling just thinking about it.

Spring Colors_Close Up

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Mixing Metals

Some things just go together – strawberries and bananas, peanut butter and chocolate, sunshine and margaritas. The more recent blend I am loving is the mixing of metals. No longer does gold only go with gold and silver only with silver. Throw on a silver ring and earrings, pair it with a rose gold watch, and layer on those gold necklaces. Go crazy!

If you want to kick it up a notch, toss in some textural, natural elements like stones or wood. Delicate here, chunky there, and rustic wherever you want.

Necklace on Tree_Close

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